Long before GPT-3 and Dall-E the world has feared what will happen when advanced AI becomes reality. The fears and risks are legitimate, but the other side of the story should be seriously considered.

We live in a world that is showing growing signs of instability and potential decline. While AI is unlikely to solve every problem, there are many problems that it can solve to make a dramatic impact on human well being, healthy life span, and economic resource allocation.

AI is already having a positive impact in many areas of business and problem solving, but a few major areas where AI can really move humanity forward are with health care and disease, energy source development, and education. Loftier, but other realistic areas where AI can advance us relate more deeply to physics in relation to quantum computing, space travel and colonization, as well as the merging of humans with machines.

This type of problem solving at an exponentially faster pace could minimize the risk of our extinction through natural or manmade disaster. Organizations like OpenAI are doing their best to ensure that AI is safe, but based on how things are going in the world, we need all the help we can get.

If you are involved with an AI project or would like to communicate a concept about AI safety or AI’s potential benefit for humanity, please get in touch below or through the about page. 


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