If blockchain technology isn’t currently on your radar, don’t worry, it will be – whether or not you like it, and whether or not you know it.

The weaknesses and dangers of the centralization of governments and many other large institutions and organizations are being exposed by growing debt, questionable elections (no matter the political party), censorship, currency debasement, and unnecessary market and economic instability.

Blockchain takes away the big middlemen involved in so many types of transactions such as stock market transactions, lending, insurance, and real estate. It enables transparency and security. It enables the most efficient, economically accurate trade of goods and services of all types.

Imagine elections where the votes are set in stone and can’t be changed or faked in any way.

Imagine exchanging securities directly with businesses and individuals and without middlemen that can offer unfair favorability to deeper pockets.

Imagine not having a disproportionately large fee if a customer wants to use a credit card for a small purchase.

Imagine communicating what you believe is right without the chance of being shut down by a given platform.

Imagine health care visits where your medical records are easily accessed, and are safe and secure.

Imagine actually owning your money rather than wondering if the bank where you put it will be able or willing to pay it back to you when you need it, let alone at all.

Imagine your money not being debased by unlimited money printing at the slightest sign of economic danger.

These are just a few of the endless list of benefits to humanity that blockchain technology can offer.

Blockchain isn’t just about Bitcoin. It is the technology that underlies Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its potential goes far beyond the value of crypto. It enables honesty, security, stability, efficiency, and freedom throughout the economy and society.

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