Every species is quite fragile in the big scheme of the universe, and the human species is no exception. There are infinite natural phenomena that can wipe us out – erased from existence. We can certainly try to avoid or defend against natural disaster, and many human advancements are showing signs of progress toward this aim.

However, what is a shame is that we are putting ourselves at a further disadvantage as we, as a species, seem to be our own worst enemy, well on track to wiping ourselves out of existence.

With all the advancements that mankind has made, we are still quite mentally and structurally unstable. It’s not just because of a pandemic, economic crash, a given election, etc. Governments and major institutions are drowning in ever-growing debt, deficits, and public dissatisfaction. Individuals are hurting from increasing rates of chronic high stress, depression, addiction, and anger.

Technological change driving societal change is happening at an unmanageable pace. Civilization’s infrastructure can’t handle it, nor can the human mind. Our mind’s have not evolved to handle the barrage of variables we are faced with all day, every day through our devices, media, and social requirements. 

If we are unstable within ourselves, we will create instability in the outer world. You can flip this around and also say that if the structure of society is growing unstable, our inner worlds will have a much harder time becoming stable.

One clearly begets the other. Why not sincerely work on both at the same time?

4EXISTENCE aims to do this by using visually appealing art and other media to communicate concepts and fuel projects that help you improve your inner well-being and that of the external world. Let’s step outside of the unconscious chaos that is trending downward, look at the big picture, and figure out how to evolve our inner and outer worlds, and thus our chances of survival.

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