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The powerful worlds of psychology, spirituality, and science can have tremendous value, but are loaded with confusing, conflicting, and often misleading information.

Endless self-help hopping between books, blogs, articles, podcasts, forums, apps, videos, teachers and practices can be quite overwhelming for anyone that sincerely wants to improve their inner and outer worlds. They can leave you exhausted, discouraged, and questioning whether or not you’re just spinning your wheels.

The good news is that there is a common denominator to it all that can make your self-transformation process much clearer, more discerning, and simplified whether you don’t know where to start, or whether you’re well down the path to lasting inner peace and reaching your full potential.

All content communicated by 4Existence revolves around this common denominator, constantly pointing you to it from whatever perspective you need to see it. 

4Existence is a guide to simplify the many concepts, methods, and practices that you’re learning from other guides – A layman’s “how to” that simplifies, modernizes, and makes practical the vast worlds of psychology, spirituality, and science in relation to helping you find your most efficient path to lasting inner peace and boundless potential. 

What is this common denominator that can simplify your self-transformation? Start here.


The primary aim of 4Existence is to help all individuals who are open to self-transformation simplify their path to inner peace and boundless potential. Led by this primary aim, the secondary aim is to help foster a world community that is grounded in love and peace, yet empowered with purpose and potential, so that optimal decisions can be made and actions taken toward ensuring the survival and thriving of humanity.


Billy Walsh, Founder / 4Existence

For more than 30 years I have been on a journey of self-driven introspection, meditation, and philosophical exploration, which has led to a consistent experience of deep, unwavering peace along with a powerful blossoming of creative and productive energy.

A byproduct of this journey, filled with both extreme challenge and beauty, was a simplified understanding of what previously seemed to be a complex transformational process. I also noticed that it related very clearly to a little-known common denominator of the most effective psychological, spiritual, and scientific approaches to human well-being.

As an intimately connected aspect of this journey, my life and career has been filled with many creative projects in art, writing, and entrepreneurship.

4Existence is my way of combining these experiences and skills to reach as many people as possible with a simple message about how to simplify their chosen paths of self-transformation, whether or not that path is psychological, spiritual, scientific, or some combination thereof. I hope that this message may be helpful to you.


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