Circle of Self Realization | How to Find Yourself

Many believe that finding yourself means compiling a profile of your passions, interests, talents, skills, personality traits, style, appearance, opinions, history, plans for the future, etc.

There is nothing wrong with this, but this is your transitory identity as it can change at any time. This type of “self” is defined by the mind and is often influenced by family, society, and culture, for better or worse. It can be a source for unhappiness and suffering, and it can block your true potential, which likely goes well beyond this transitory identity.

There is a simple exercise that you can do right now that will show you very directly who and what you truly are – your true nature. Seeing your true nature and allowing it to take over as your seat of experience is the way to realizing your full potential. It gives you the foundation and clarity to be emotionally balanced for taking the best possible action, while being inclusive of your purest passions, interests talents, skills, etc.

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Long before GPT-3 and Dall-E the world has feared what will happen when advanced AI becomes reality. The fears and risks are legitimate, but the other side of the story should be seriously considered.

We live in a world that is showing growing signs of instability and potential decline. While AI is unlikely to solve every problem, there are many problems that it can solve to make a dramatic impact on human well being, healthy life span, and economic resource allocation.

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If blockchain technology isn’t currently on your radar, don’t worry, it will be – whether or not you like it, and whether or not you know it.

The weaknesses and dangers of the centralization of governments and many other large institutions and organizations are being exposed by growing debt, questionable elections (no matter the political party), censorship, currency debasement, and unnecessary market and economic instability.

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Anger’s root is fear. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself. In every situation of anger, there is a fear that caused it. Let’s explore a few examples…

Flicked off a driver that cut in front of you? You were scared that you were about to get in an accident. You were scared that accident would cost your life, health, or money. You may have also been scared about the disrespect of the driver, or the lack of consciousness of the driver, and what that disrespect or lack of consciousness says about your fellow humans.

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Every species is quite fragile in the big scheme of the universe, and the human species is no exception. There are infinite natural phenomena that can wipe us out – erased from existence. We can certainly try to avoid or defend against natural disaster, and many human advancements are showing signs of progress toward this aim.

However, what is a shame is that we are putting ourselves at a further disadvantage as we, as a species, seem to be our own worst enemy, well on track to wiping ourselves out of existence.

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